Industry Days

In 2019, the CLEF conference will be held for the first time in Switzerland and in collaboration with the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services.

The Industry Days will allow the interaction between the scientific community, practitioners and decision-makers through panels, a special keynote and presentations. Additionally, the very best and most pertinent work of the academic CLEF participants will be made accessible in a concise manner.

The goal of CLEF is to provide a platform to compare and test information retrieval systems. The conference is organized in independent labs that target different subtopics of information retrieval such as personalized information retrieval (Lab: PIR-CLEF) or digital text forensics and stylometry (Lab: PAN). Each lab defines a challenge (including a dataset and a task) that is solved by participants and evaluated by the organizers during the year. The conference provides a place discuss the results, show their methods and exchange ideas. As a consequence, each yearly conference consists of a number of presentations of research activities carried out on standard datasets.

If you are interested in participating in this part of the conference please contact Gundula Heinatz.