Industry Days

In 2019, the CLEF conference will be held for the first time in Switzerland and in collaboration with the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services.

The Industry Days will allow the interaction between the scientific community, practitioners and decision-makers through panels, a special keynote and presentations. Additionally, the very best and most pertinent work of the academic CLEF participants will be made accessible in a concise manner.

The goal of CLEF is to provide a platform to compare and test information retrieval systems. The conference is organized in independent labs that target different subtopics of information retrieval such as personalized information retrieval (Lab: PIR-CLEF) or digital text forensics and stylometry (Lab: PAN). Each lab defines a challenge (including a dataset and a task) that is solved by participants and evaluated by the organizers during the year. The conference provides a place discuss the results, show their methods and exchange ideas. As a consequence, each yearly conference consists of a number of presentations of research activities carried out on standard datasets.

If you are interested in participating in this part of the conference please contact Gundula Heinatz.


Wednesday, Sep 11, 2019


The Industry Days program runs for two days, and includes tutorials (best of academic CLEF output), talks by industry representatives, a panel by distinguished experts on data science in Europe and a keynote by Dr. Martinez from Signal AI. There is ample room for networking and social contacts, including a reception on Wednesday evening. Details of the full conference, also open to industrial attendees are found here.


12:00 — 13:30 Welcome Reception Industry Days


13:30 — 15:00 Plenary Session: Panel on “Data Science in Europe”

Moderation: Martin Braschler, ZHAW, Switzerland

Participants: Dorian Selz (Squirro), Kornelia Papp (SwissRe), Doug Oard (University of Maryland), Reinhard Riedl (National Research Council of the SNSF), Gareth Jones (Dublin City University)


15:00 — 15:30 Coffee Break


15:30 — 16:00 Martin Braschler, ZHAW, Switzerland on "CLEF Tutorial for Industry"

Room: Auditorium


16:00 — 16:30 Mark Cielibak, SpinningBytes/ZHAW, Switzerland on "Do You Have to Read All Incoming Documents?"

Room: Auditorium


16:30 — 17:00 Silvio Arcangeli, SAP, Switzerland on "Operationalizing and scaling Machine Learning for real-life usage in enterprise contexts"

Room: Auditorium


17:00 — 17:30 Jussi Karlgren, Gavagai, Sweden on “"Thresholds for adopting systematic evaluation benchmarks in industrial settings"

Room: Auditorium


18:30 — 21:00 Civic Reception

An aperò will be served in Villa Ciani, Parco Ciani, Lugano


Thursday, Sep 12, 2019


09:00 — 10:00 Keynote Talk

Chair: Martin Braschler, ZHAW, Switzerland

Speaker: Miguel Martinez, Signal AI

Analysing the world's news: Learnings and challenges from industry

Room: Auditorium


10:00 — 10:30 Coffee Break


10:30 — 11:30 Best of CLEF for Industry

Chair: Gundula Heinatz Bürki, Data+Service Alliance, Switzerland

Room: Auditorium


Henning Müller, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Switzerland

ImageCLEF - benchmarking multimodal image analysis and retrieval


Alexis Joly, Inria/LIRMM, France

LifeCLEF: Biodiversity Identification and Prediction Challenges


11:30 — 12:00 The Future of CLEF

Speaker: Nicola Ferro, Università di Padova, Italy

Room: Auditorium


12:00 — 13:30 Lunch


13:30 — 15:00 Best of CLEF for Industry

Chair: Melanie Geiger, Data+Service Alliance, Switzerland

Room: Auditorium


Lorraine Goeuriot, Université Grenoble Alpes, France

What can CLEF eHealth bring to the industry?


Francisco Rangel, Autoritas Consulting, Spain

PAN Shared Tasks for Industry: Experiment Platforms and Author Profiling


Ali Hürriyeto─člu, Osman Mutlu, Koc University, Turkey                

ProtestNews: Cross-context Event Information Collection from News


15:00 — 15:30 Coffee Break


15:30 — 17:00 Industry Talks

Chair: Martin Braschler, ZHAW, Switzerland

Room: Auditorium


José Iria, Mobiliar, Switzerland

Information Access Problems in Life Insurance


Alireza Ghasemi, ELCA, Switzerland

Insight Extraction from Unstructured Data: Opportunities and Challenges


Christoph Glauser, ArgYou, Switzerland

Live Monitoring for Jungfrau-Region


17:00 — 17:15 The Future of CLEF/Industry Involvement

Chair: Martin Braschler, ZHAW, Switzerland

Room: Auditorium


17:15 — 17:30 Plenary Session: Closing

Chair: Fabio Crestani, Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland

Room: Auditorium